Yesterday kenyans were treated to a rare spectacle when a group of rowdy youth emerged and booed down Governor Anne Waiguru during the launch of a market at Kagumo market. Waiguru who has launched 8 newly constructed markets in Kirinyaga since she took office in 2017 stood her ground taking on the rowdy youth in unexpected turn of events.

There have been murmurs that tangatanga allied MCAs and MPs were not happy with what they have termed as Waiguru's recent support for Raila Odinga and the BBI.

temperatures between Waiguru and the tangatanga allied leaders in the region might have soured after Anne's participation in convincing the Kirinyaga MCAs to shoot down the punguza mzigo bill that is seen as mainly being supported by William Ruto and allies.

Till recently Anne Waiguru was seen as a close ally of William Ruto. Her new stand on the BBI and support for Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga has placed her on direct collision with the tangatanga allied MCAs and MPs in central Kenya

Waiguru is as well seen as a main challenger to whoever wants to take over the leadership of central Kenya after President Uhuru has retired. Her rivals have seen her increased recent activities and utterances as her bid to position herself in the central kenya politics.

Bloggers allied to Tangatanga and the DP William Ruto were quick to circulate news of her being heckled in Kagumo while launching a newly constructed market. Perhaps in a bid to blow the situation out of proportions, they found themselves using photos of 2016 to describe what had happened at Kagumo after the media reported that police had arrived to 'rescue' Waiguru who was heckled and 'chased away'. Both these turned out to be FAKE news as the photo showing police shielding Waiguru away turned out to an old photo from 2016. Anne Waiguru was not chased away either. Videos have emerged of her standing her ground, composed and taking on the hecklers to the suprise of many.

watch the videos below: