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The habit of police officers visiting the estate pubs and collecting money from the proprietors is very common in Eastlands. I want to share with you what happens in my area -Civo-Kariobangi South.There are tens of small pubs in this area. In the evening at around 7pm,police officers in twos, threes or even fours start walking around these pubs.They are usually given 100/ per visit. When they come,they’ll pack the vehicle at a distance then walk towards the pub and stand at the entrance.They then use the torch which they always carry to mulika the pub kwa mlango to signal the proprietor or the attendant that they have arrived. From there the attendants comes out and greets them and then hand over the money to them and they leave for another pub. Some come in civilian clothes and in vehicles with civilian plates in order to hide their rogue activity. You find in one evening alone, a club is visited by police officers from more than one station. For example,those from Dandora, Buruburu and others from AP posts located around and in the nearby chief’s camp.The Dandora ones usually move in a police canter which is always driven by a police lady. If you fail to pay,they’ll come and arrest everybody in the pub and book them at their station for the weekend then take them to Makadara Courts on fabricated charges.If you tell them that their colleagues from other stations have just visited and you’ve cleared with them,they’ll tell you that they too are entitled to their share since they work differently.This money they say is for protection. Its a sad state of Police extortion racket. If only the CID , EACC officers or the Inspector General of Police can make a walk in the evening in this area,they’ll be shocked on how the officers have turned rogue.

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