Things are not looking good for first time member of parliament Patrick Munene of Chuka-Igambe Ngombe constituency in Tharaka Nithi after a sex storm erupted a few days ago in what is seen as an affair that the member of parliament has been having with a nominated member of Tharaka Nithi county assembly Milicent Morgan.

What might have started as casual friendship between Patrick Munene and Millicent Morgan might have erupted into a full-blown affair and as it is always the case, the person who busted them is the wife of the Member of Parliament.

After getting wind of the affair, the wife of the MP, Joy Munene, drove to the MPs rented house in Embu. She managed to drive past the sentry of the heavily guarded apartments busting her husband with the nominated MCA. She was accompanied by her two children. Mrs Munene managed to grab the phone of the MCA and attacked her with a kitchen knife and allegedly cut her face with the knife.

After the incidence, Joy Munene took to her facebook, posted the picture of the injured nominated MCA with a big bandage on her cheek. Mrs Munene had no kind words for a woman she thinks has plans of wrecking her marriage. She termed the violence she had meted on the Nominated MCA as 'Malipo ya umalaya' in a post that has since be deleted.

Patrick Munene on his part has since taken to his facebook account to denounce the allegations and termed the nominated MCA, Millicent Morgan, 'a long term friend'.

"... Millicent Morgan.... we are very close friends and the photos you're sharing online are not Photoshop, they are real"

He further stated that he is a grown up and whatever the public say will not affect his decisions as he is 'above 18'.

Residents of Tharatha Nithi have taken to social media to express disappointment in Millicent Morgan and Patrick Munene for for what they are saying does not befit the two leaders.